How Many Types of Power Banks Are There?

The portable chargers for smartphones and tablets have become a “must have”. From little compact power banks to large ones that can charge a device for ten times, these portable batteries are a new technology that everyone is dying to have. The different capacities, the colors, the different interesting designs, the idea that you can charge any brand or smartphone or tablet with the same device, all of them make the power bank an electronic device of the latest technology.

Types of Power Banks and Usefulness

There are six types of power banks out there from which you can choose:

  • Fashion compact power bank – this type was developed to mix the interesting colorful compact design with the daily use many people are searching for. It is in the same time fashionable and easy to use, reaching to a 5000mAh capacity.
  • Built-in rechargeable line – despite the charging possibility offered by the power bank, certain comfort is also required. The charger wire solves the problem of looking for the adapter.
  • Power bank with LED – this type of device is a trend nowadays. Besides the large capacity to charge, it has also a LED flashlight to guide you when it is dark.
  • Solar powerbank this device can charge itself from sunlight. It is perfect for those camping trips where there are no electricity sockets nearby. It can also be charged in the old fashion way and it advised to do so more than to charge it with sunlight all the time.
  • Smart power bank – this type of portable charger will identify your device automatically and set the proper voltage to charge it while all its ports have smart tech and work in the same way.
  • Quick charge power bank – this type of device has the quick charge technology found in the new smartphones, being able to charge four times faster than a normal one.